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Exciting NEWS! New One21 Bag with a Mission!

6:52:00 PM

If you hear anyone shouting from the rooftop, it’s probably me! I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!

Last September, I worked on an incredible project (Handmade with Love) with the amazing team of Handmade Charlotte, F+W, and To The Market. I collaborated with, designed, created, and shot a video tutorial for FOUR sewing projects….including a quilted robe that is to die for! You can read more about the projects and kits here.  

During this time, I met the beautiful, kind and smart Jane Mosbacher Morris, founder and CEO of To The Market (TTM). TTM empowers and helps women from all over the world overcome abuse, conflict, and disease. They work with a network of local partners and co-ops who employ the artisans and bring awareness to what these strong and amazing women have gone through.
Photo by Neil Ruskin
The mission of TTM coincides with my mission and with the meaning behind name of One21 (which is Psalm 121).  So, I contacted Jane this past March about the possibility of outsourcing the production of a One21 bag by using a co-op in TTM’s network. After several exchanges of e-mails and phone calls, we came up with a plan, and she contacted the co-op, Sari Bari.  Sari Bari employs women who have overcome and are free from the sex trafficking trade. Read about Sari Bari here in this article from Huffington Post, and you will have tears in your eyes when you finish. There were not enough tissues around when I read this article.


Fast forward to today!!!! In collaboration with Jane and TTM, Sari Bari is making a limited quantity of One21 Wristlets!!!!! YAY!!!! I have named these Freedom, because over 50% of the proceeds from this bag will go to support these amazing women who have already overcome so much.

Here is a really cool detail about these bags: Each one will have the name of the artisan sewn into the bag, and you can read her story on the Sari Bari website!!! Isn’t that awesome?

I received the sample last week, and IT’S PERFECT!!!! Each Freedom wristlet is created from beautiful hand-dyed saris and adorned with kantha stitching. They will all have a metal zipper, braided sari strap, and will come in 5 different color palettes (Red, Light Blue, Pink, Dark Yellow/Mustard, and Navy/Black/Dark Grey). I don’t know what combination of colors each sari will have, but I know it will be beautiful. You can see some examples of the saris on the Sari Bari website and in the TTM shop online.

Pre-Order Available NOW! =)

THE BEST NEWS is you don’t have to wait!!! You can PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY for $25 + shipping. AND as a “Thank You” for pre-ordering the Freedom Wristlet, I will gift you a set of 8 encouraging post-cards from the One21 Print Store!!! You can keep these cards for yourself, send them out to friends, or package everything together as a gift.

I expect delivery to happen before Christmas, and I really encourage you to NOT WAIT! Just like with my other wristlets, I know these will sell out fast and I don’t want you to miss out on this!!

When the Freedom wristlets are delivered, I will jump up and down and cry at the same time. Then I will calm down, package each one and ship the next day!!

CLICK HERE FOR PRE-ORDER! I can’t wait for you to join me on this mission of empowering the ladies employed by Sari Bari and raising awareness about human trafficking.


My Top 10 Facebook Businesses

1:01:00 PM

Facebook has just exploded with business pages! I feel as though every time I logon and scroll through my feed, I'm discovering new really great businesses.  

I want to share with you my favorites...my top 10...my go-to's and why I love them. 

1. Sew Can She
Why I love it: Sew Can She is not only a great blog, but they post some great tips, tutorials, patterns, etc. from other bloggers and businesses. They are great at promoting others, and because of that, I learn a lot from them. 

2.Thrift Diving
Why I love it: I just found this page and blog a few weeks ago, and I have fallen in love with it. I know you have probably picked this up, but I LOVE TO THRIFT! I didn't always love it, but once I got into it and saw the wonders that could happen with transformations, the love became unstoppable. That is what Thrift Diving does, it transforms ugly thrift finds into amazing awesomeness and tells you how to do it! Whoa!

3. Proverbs 31 Ministries
Why I love it: My faith is my foundation. If I didn't have Christ, I don't know who I would be. Through my teenage years, I heard a lot of this thing called "being a Proverbs 31 woman." I didn't quite understand what that meant until I became and wife and a mother. {Click HERE to read Prov. 31 for yourself} Proverbs 31 Ministries brings encouragement to women everyday through their Facebook page. I also subscribe to their e-mail devotions which are essential in my faith journey.

4. Etsy-Preneurship
Why I love it: Back when I first started One21, I didn't know at all what I was doing. I didn't know how to take good product photos, I didn't understand SEO (still don't really) and I didn't understand a whole lot of other Etsy-isms, so I took the business off of Etsy. Fast forward to June of this year, and I'm back on Etsy because of the info I found through the Etsy-preneurship website and Facebook page. If you are on Etsy...this page is essential!



Project Studio: Where Pinterest Comes to Life.

7:08:00 PM

Have you ever been lost in the Pinterest maze? You start out looking for one thing, say "DIY Door Decoration", then before you know it....Whoa! You're learning how to contour your face the right way! Pinterest is amazing because it has given the creative power back to the people! (I'm sensing a soap box speech coming...lol!) But seriously, I love to support the economy, but I also love to be creative and to make things myself. And if I don't know how to make something, I learn how.

This is where the new artist market and creative studio, Project Studio, comes into play. It has the perfect location in Marietta, Georgia. And, honestly, this place is a dream come true for me! As a life-long artist, there was never a place I could go that was similar to a poetry reading for writers or open-mic night for singers. I longed for a place to grow as an artist and learn to create things. And, not to mention, just being around other artists sparks creativity. 

Artist Market

When you come to Project, you will find a large collection of local artists in the front retail section. One21 is selling some goods there among prints by ItsyBitsy Store, jewelry by The Curly Haired Fox, and art by Jill Alford Designs, Kristen Larson and Amy Griffith, plus a lot more!

DIY Studio

The back is where the DIY studio is located. This is where your Pinterest dreams come true! This is where you come if you have an idea, but don't know how to execute it; have started a project, but you're stuck and need help; want to work alone in a creative atmosphere; or you want to learn and create something new. You can come in just for an hour, get a monthly membership, take a class or have a party. Check out the details below!

The Details

Open Studio 

10am - 7pm, Monday thru Saturday

$15/hour gives you access to all of the artist tools and supplies (paint, power tools, expert advice, brushes, etc.). For a low price, you can purchase the items you would take home (canvas, wood board, etc.)

Makers' Membership

If you find yourself there more than 4 hours a month, you should invest in the Makers' Membership. The first month is $79 and you are given an artist tote bag, a set of paint brushes, a table top easel, and a free class. The membership is $50 after the first month. Its an amazing deal! 


There are so many wonderful options!! Hand Lettering, Abstract Painting, Hand Embroidery and much more! Check the class list here The class price ranges from $35 to $55 depending on the length of class time and the materials involved. 


If you are wanting to host a shower or party, contact Project!! The cost will vary on the amount of people and the project. How fun would that be, though?? To have a birthday party or wedding shower, and you go home with something awesome that you made! 

I will be teaching Ceramic Painting, Hand Embroidery, Sewing, and Fabric Block Printing. If you are in or around the Atlanta area, we would love to see you!! 

Happy Creating!


Six {Easy + Awesome} Upcycling Ideas

1:29:00 PM

"Ain't nobody got time for that." These words cross my mind just about every time I scroll through Pinterest or Facebook, and I see another super cool upcycle/recycle/any-cycle/whatever-cycle idea. There are power tools involved, goggles, masks, sanding, painting, re-painting, hammering, gluing, staining and hazmat suits.

One word for you: TODDLER. 

I have two of them. I don't have the time much less energy to transform a thrift store dresser into dog bed-plant station-Lego storage combo. But, I want my house to look cool. I went on a internet hunt for awesome projects that A): required minimal tools, and B): were not made from cereal boxes or mason jars. 

Here is what I found:
Transformed Bookshelf from DIY Passion. A little paint and stencil action made this look phenomenal! 

School room globe turned into a statement piece with buttons. There was not a tutorial for this either, but if you have an old globe, some buttons, a hot glue gun and a good long movie...you can definitely make this! I love how the mother-of-pearl vintage buttons give it almost a disco ball feel. I found this and other globe transformations (check out the lamp with tassles!) from Dishfunctional Design.

Office chair makeover from Love Grows Wild. The next time I find one at the thrift or garage sale, I'm doing this!! 

Vintage Suitcase and Stool turn into a table. I could not find the source of this (It took me into a Pinterest black hole), but there is an awesome blog that lists this among other vintage suitcase hacks. I'm thinking there's paint, industrial strength glue and maybe some bolts involved. You can find it at The Budget Decorator.

Thrifted bowls and candle stick holder turned into a tiered display from Knick of Time. This could be used to hold anything. Jewelry, maybe?

Spray painted (or natural) wood frames as a towel rack from Robo Junker. Genius! Spray paint in the color of your choice, and BAM! I think it would look great monochromatic. 

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